the exclusive

There is something so heroically insolent in an Exclusive; such a noble conviction of his or her superiority over all the rest of the human race ; such a philosophic independence of every thing which people of mere nature look to for happiness ; that I own I view them with a degree of awe and veneration. There is besides much real power of mind, in resisting, as they do, all that wealth, pomp, luxury, and taste, can effect, to please the eye, ear, and palate ; all which an Exclusive views, after the first acquaintance with them, without a single emotion ; and this, I say, is so philosophically stoical, especially among mere young or fashionable people, that in point of self- command it beats the Zenos and Catos of antiquity, all to nothing.

From: Robert Plumer Ward: Tremaine, or the man of refinement. (1826)


Melanie Grundmann

Dr. Melanie Grundmann ist Kulturwissenschaftlerin und beschäftigt sich seit mehreren Jahren mit dem Phänomen des Dandys. Sie hat mehrere Bücher, Aufsätze, Artikel und Vorträge zum Dandyismus und angrenzenden Themen verfasst.

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