Viscount Allen (1782-1845)

Among the men who most suffered by play was Viscount Allen, or ‚ King Allen,‘ as he was called. This effeminate dandy had fought like a young lion in Spain; for the dandies, foolish as they looked, never wanted pluck.

The‘ King‘ then lounged about town, grew fat, lost his all, and withdrew to Dublin, where, in Merrion-square, he slept behind a large brass plate with ‚ Viscount Allen‘ upon it, which was as good to him as board wages, for it brought endless invitations from people eager to feed a viscount at any hour of the day or night, although King Alien had more ready ability in uttering disagreeable than witty things.

From: John Timbs: Club Life of London. Vol. 1. London: Bentley (1866)


Melanie Grundmann

Dr. Melanie Grundmann ist Kulturwissenschaftlerin und beschäftigt sich seit mehreren Jahren mit dem Phänomen des Dandys. Sie hat mehrere Bücher, Aufsätze, Artikel und Vorträge zum Dandyismus und angrenzenden Themen verfasst.

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