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1808 Frock Coat 0

English Male Costume

Mr. Planche’s book, besides being sensibly and amusingly written, in a clear, unaffected style, contains more than would be expected from its title. It narrates the military as well as civil history of British...

NJ Stevenson: Die Geschichte der Mode 0

Die Geschichte der Mode

Die Modejournalistin und Stylistin NJ Stevenson gibt in ihrem Buch “Die Geschichte der Mode. Stile, Trends und Stars” einen Überblick von den Anfängen der Mode, die sie nach der Französischen Revolution verortet, eine Zeit,...

The New Man 0

Rezension: The New Man

“The New Man”, a collection of essays published by the Dutch ArtEZ Modelectoraat, investigates the changes in male fashion over the most recent years. Male fashion, which for almost two centuries had remained more...