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The light aura and quaint environment of the Bauhaus was a perfect venue for Gentleman to jam the audience with the customary support from his wife Tamika, and the rest of the members of the background vocalists and musicians - the Far East Band. Let your first impression be that of a real gentleman Real gentlemen don't swear or use foul language on a first date. Show her that you want to do everything it takes to make the date comfortable for her. Whether it is a fast food joint or an expensive restaurant, allow her to take charge of the menu.

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You will have to look the part by wearing nice clothes too. Put this into practice on your first date and pick up the check. If you are unsure about whether you should kiss her or not, it is okay to ask her. His next album was released in , featuring the single from the album of the same name, Superior which became an international reggae hit, reaching audiences in the US as well as Europe. How do they do it? You must let her know clearly if you would like to take her out again.

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Trim facial hair if you have any. The album again featured reggae stalwarts, including, Anthony B. They never make their flirty moves too obvious and don't appear to be trying too hard. Many of the delightful songs also gave a glimpse into the spiritual upbringing of this son of a Lutheran minister. You must let her know clearly if you would like to take her out again. If you start saying cruel things about your past dates, your current date may start worrying about what you may say behind her back to someone else. Making a date feel like a princess is what being a gentleman is all about.

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Top this look off with a blazer or a smart jacket. The album again featured reggae stalwarts, including, Anthony B. A gentleman never leaves his lady confused. A Gentleman, is a German reggae singer from Osnabrück, Germany, blending dancehall, roots reggae and hip hop into his unique style.

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Ask questions to show that you are interested in knowing all about her. Source 4 Send your date a text message when you leave to pick her up Preempt your date by sending a text message when you leave your house to pick your girl up. Follow-up the compliment with a hug so that there is no awkwardness between the two of you for the rest of your date. Be on a constant watch out and pamper your date by being extremely polite and courteous while speaking to her. A gentleman would never let his date walk home. No matter how sexy your date is, you must focus your eyes into hers, all the time.

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As a gentleman, you must show that it was your pleasure in hosting her for the evening. You may ask for her permission Don't finish the date with a bland goodbye. Don't allow her to take a bus or a train. Infuse mannerism and politeness in your language. The waiting time will also create a sense of excitement and she will nervously wait for you to arrive.

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