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I felt seriously underdressed. And I have finally found out where else they are entering from — our sunken bath tubs plug hole! The foyer, vast and airy with the typical open sides that I had come to expect from traditional Balinese architecture, was furnished with elegant dark wooden furniture and unique statement pieces of artwork and impressive floral displays.

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Josh was fast asleep at the time so of course I woke him. They keep on playing the same tunes at breakfast — traditional Indonesian music that is repetitive and heavily features the xylophone. The current is so strong that even standing in the surf could get you knocked over. Does it really take 4 people to make our breakfast? But now it was time to leave as it was getting dark and we still had the long ride back to Ubud. The cost of the spa treatments alone told you that, not to mention the exclusivity of the location. It would appear we are here all alone — at breakfast we see no one else, in the pool not a soul and we have never seen anyone else when we return from one of our allday trips in the evening. Pancakes, omelette, bali coffee, honey, yoghurt and fresh fruit.

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My Aunt and Uncle were going to be leaving Bali the following day but they had liked it so much they said they were planning on coming back again next year! Saying that though, the massage was fabulous. So much for a luxury bath! On the way we pass lily ponds, exotic, sweetly fragrant flowers, vast green fields, plants, trees, stone sculptures and water fountains. I imagined that if I heard that noise again I would jump up, get our dressing gowns to cover our naked bodies and collect a couple of bottles of water to sustain us whilst we waited to be rescued in the undergrowth.

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