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Figurative sense of flattery, inflated praise is first recorded Like all my breeding stock, she has double wattles, and she has the personality of her mother Daisy. Meaning pant, breathe hard and fast is from late 14c.

Kleve Winter In Puff Jenny Marlene

This is Jenny, a young sow we just acquired. British Dictionary definitions for puffed puff noun a short quick draught, gust, or emission, as of wind, smoke, air, etc, esp a forceful one the amount of wind, smoke, etc, released in a puff the sound made by or associated with a puff an instance of inhaling and expelling the breath as in smoking a swelling a light aerated pastry usually filled with cream, jam, etc a powder puff exaggerated praise, as of a book, product, etc, esp through an advertisement a piece of clothing fabric gathered up so as to bulge in the centre while being held together at the edges a loose piece of hair wound into a cylindrical roll, usually over a pad, and pinned in place in a coiffure a less common word for quilt def. Transitive figurative sense of exalt is from s; shading by early 18c. Camille brings a new bloodline to our herd. Since she came to me from the south, her name is Belle as in Southern Belle. Meaning type of light pastry is recorded from late 14c. She will be bred to Valentino, my Ru boar. She's got a nice wide head with fabulous double wattles and is as friendly as her parents.

Sicher In Kleve Winter Puff Jenny

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