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Five altars were found in Saint-Ginier, along with another two in the scattered settlements, one of which was dedicated to Mercury. It has changed at a rate of Of the rest of the land, 6. There are 6 people who speak Romansh.

Siders Vernachlässigte Hausfrau

Straps Hausfrau Siders Vernachlässigte Auszeiten

Unglücksstelle im A9-Tunnel in Siders

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The castles were razed in the midth century when the noble families stood with the Bishop in his war with the Zenden of the Upper Valais and Counts of Savoy. A soapstone pot from the Early Middle Ages and a gold signet ring with the name Graifarius from the 6th century have also been found. Of the water in the municipality, 1. By the 11th century, the fief of Sierre was owned by the Bishop of Sion. There are 6 people who speak Romansh. In it was mentioned as Sirro and in as Syder. In , the city was occupied by French and Vaudois troops.

Siders Vernachlässigte Hausfrau


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