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I realized that he would probably be considered an attractive gentleman by most. He pulled her up off the couch, smacking her ass as he began to position her back down on all fours. I was legitimately shocked that she would actually have chosen an interracial film, as we had never seen one together.

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We found a seat in between a few patrons and ordered a couple more glasses of wine. I knew he was already deeper than I had ever been, and I wondered how she was feeling having that much dick inside of her. The conversation turned to home life, and we learned that he and his wife had been together for twenty years already, marrying relatively young. Her tits rested sexually on her chest, jiggling slightly as she played with herself. She seemed to be full of thought, and a smirk flashed across her face. She shuddered as more pleasure returned to her body. Cum was coating seemingly her entire body.

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Mark was wearing beige slacks and a snug dress shirt, he immediately pulled up a chair next to me. The ocean air had lowered my inhibitions, and I was feeling comfortable discussing the idea of Vanessa bedding another man — even if it was just in a joking manner. There were a thousand butterflies in my stomach as I wondered where the night might lead us. Mark tossed them to the side. My dick instinctively twitched in arousal. That caught me personally unprepared, however i was not going to whack this opportunity when you are shy. I decided to push things.


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