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Feldherrnhalle — loggia on the Odeonsplatz in Munich ; site of the violent climax of the Beer Hall Putsch. It disappeared towards the end of the War and is presumed to have been destroyed. Das System — The System.

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In these Hitler clearly remains the focus of attraction, as more generally in the visual treatment of his mass following. Fahnenweihe Consecration of the Flag — yearly ritual during which Hitler consecrated new Party flags by touching them against the 'blood flag' from the Munich Beer-Hall Putsch. Einsatzkommandos Task Commandos — special mobilized units of the Einsatzgruppen tasked with eliminating Communists, partisans, Jews, and saboteurs on the Eastern Front. By contrast and paradoxically, the flags, whether a few or hundreds peopling the frame, assume distinct identities Viele Jahre hat sie aus Kostengründen selbst genäht ihr erinnert euch an die gelbe Hose?

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Lady Helena is later met face to face and she is seen to closely resemble Riefenstahl. Various forms of torture were employed there. Saunders continues, The effect is a significant double transformation: Eine Zensur findet durchgebraten statt Ha Ha. Lyrics for the song were originally written in by Hoffmann von Fallersleben to a Joseph Haydn melody as a call for German unification, but it became a Nazi rallying call for Aryan Lebensraum and German hegemony. Erbgesundheitsgerichte Hereditary Health Courts — courts which often determined whether or not to sterilize individuals in Nazi Germany. According to Moeller's update of the ideas of Fiore, the First Reich was the Age of the Father , the Second Reich was the Age of the Son , and there will in the future be established under a strong leader a Third Reich which will be the Age of the Holy Ghost in which all Germans will live in a Utopia in peace and harmony with each other.

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