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It was my birthday. Used Underwear Used underwear is such common fetish item that big-name escorts, porn stars, and prominent sex figures can usually make a good buck selling their unwashed undies. Beards and body hair should be less surprising, especially these days. Therefore blood play is a difficult fetish to explore safely.

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Despite its popularity within a more niche section of the gay male population, it is generally considered an unhygienic fetish to explore, since handling and consuming human fecal matter carries with it certain health risks. Gas Masks An old-school fetish object, gas masks are rarely found in popular culture anymore. It is common for rubber guys to wear full-body suits that cover greater amounts of skin. A small number of kinky sex practices allow you to explore this fetish with little risk of long-term injury — piercing, whipping, etc. Gas masks are common erotic objects for kinksters into breath play and are popular among rubber fetishists. Aside from their usefulness, enemas are generally considered a healthy occasional practice, and have become a sexualized object all on their own. The term swings both ways: Alex Minksy has more or less made a career from this fetish. I have a fetish for Prince Alberts — circular piercings that go through the head of the penis — but I do not personally have one, which means I enjoy this fetish but do not practice the kink of piercing myself or someone else for pleasure.

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