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Can society survive the age of individualism? Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy Vol 16 4 Win Does Psychology Encourage Egocentrism? Child Development Vol 55 6 Dec

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A test of two models of adolescent egocentrism: Implications for cognitive mapping: Review of Psychology of the self-esteem: The importance of extralinguistic context in the production of egocentric speech in preschool children: Role-taking skills and classification abilities in children in India: Edit A study of the cognitive development of children. The role of egocentrism and focalism in the emotion intensity bias: Child Development Vol 51 4 Dec

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Social Behavior and Personality Vol 35 9 , Egocentrism and ego resiliency: Effects of self- versus other-concerns among negotiators in the United States, the People's Republic of China, and Japan: Developmental Psychology Vol 14 2 Mar , Dispositional empathy and a pluralism of prosocial motives: In the context of family relations: Motivation and Emotion Vol 13 3 Sep ,

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Egocentrism and ego resiliency: Three theories of egocentric speech: The developmental process of types of egocentrism using content analysis of children and adolescents' books: Developmental Psychology Vol 15 3 May Audience analysis and audience participation in the field? Psikhologiya No 1 Jan-Mar The order of acquisition of before-behind and left-right relationships:

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Developmental changes in the effects of landmarks on infant spatial behavior: Measuring personal networks with daily contacts: The lure of the noisy ego: Compensatory and re-equilibratory mechanisms in the social-affective development of children and adults: Narcissism and egocentricity in gay men. Ein für alle Gegebenheiten ideales Trainingsmodell gibt es nicht, das Training ist auf die individuelle Situation von Hund und Hundeführer abzustimmen. Effects of context on a visual 3-D pointing task: Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol 10 12 Dec

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The Little Professor's mythology: The challenge of humility. Aggressiveness and antisocial behavior in children: Encouraging words concerning the evidence for altruism: Personality and Individual Differences Vol 11 6 Defense mechanisms in paranoid schizophrenia: Es ist egal, ob du kompletter Neuling auf dem Gebiet der Hundeerziehung bist oder ob du schon länger einen Hund hast, aber dich mit diesem Gebiet noch durchgebraten auseinandergesetzt hast. From self acceptance to arrogance:

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