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I would stop on deck until I either got too cold or my overcoat too wet when I went down into our unit, put my coat over a heater where it steamed and soon as it got nice and warm, on with it again and up to the bow, believe or not I was the only one there. Out turn to land had come and we were at the top of the queue when a huge fog bank came rolling in along the ground blotting out everything in its path including our aerodrome. A tropical encounter would be our mid upper calling Suspicious aircraft 20 to 12 skip, then, it's a JU 88 prepare to corkscrew to port, then,go.

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Good on him anyway, he wasn't doing anyone any harm. We had to take all our stuff, including, what we could salvage, right through London, where we were treated like heroes and showered with drinks where ever we went. The break was at the elbow and the local doctor could not fix it and recommended to Dad that I had it amputated. During our training in Canada, things were not going very well back here with the Jap's getting closer and closer, we made many attempts to get back to Australia, but of course we couldn't, about three very ignorant people back home actually sent white feathers, one of my friends was very upset with this, considering it was his so called girlfriend, the Australian Ambassador from Ottawa came to visit us, mainly about this matter, pointing out that we would be a lot more valuable as trained servicemen also the names and addresses were collected of those who sent the feathers, my friend unfortunately did not get over the letter. The Erks and the Waafs, the Paddys and Taffs. We would concentrate on one aircraft and all make our own sketches as to what it really looked like. Our engineer, Harry aka Blue Copley was out of action and off flying duties. Norman McQueen sent me a manuscript of thirty-four pages and it is a pity that all of them cannot be reproduced here.

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TMBS - Ep. 26 - Socialism Is Way Cool, Chappelle, & S-Holes ft. Wosny Lambre & Trevor Beaulieu

The Art of Hanna-Barbera: Fifty Years of Creativity

After about eight hours I had lost the knack of landing, after about ten, with no solo, it was a case of waiting for the scrub machine. I was in the next lot to fly and was getting ready when it landed early, an ambulance charged out and a poor bloke before me was carried out, his whole face dead white and the size of a balloon, the combination of less than 40 degrees below and the wind coming into the turret at probably at least 1OOmph did not do much for any part of his face unprotected, flying was cancelled for the day. Now this was Brisbane Queensland and all of us LAC's came from up that way, lived in shorts and our legs were all black. His attack had to be made in daylight and there were no clouds to afford concealment. We dadurch passed gleaming silver formations of Fortresses.

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